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Errol Andam

Errol Andam is a marketing leader specializing in helping brands refine processes for improved sales and community relationships. Previously, Errol served as a creative marketing manager for Nike, assisting with brand campaigns, pop-ups for sporting and special event venues. Errol Andam now works with the team at creative experiential marketing agency 10×10 StudioLab to help clients create successful marketing campaigns that leverage innovative channels, grow sales, and inspire brand recognition across platforms.

Those who have worked with Errol Andam recognize that he is a professional deeply invested in helping brands tell their stories, connect with their audiences, and develop partnerships that empower replicable success in their campaigns. In the industry, Errol Andam has become well-known for his attention to detail, eye for design, willingness to teach others effective marketing techniques, and his ability to build communities around brands, their marketing, and products.

Errol Andam Explores How Marketers Can Improve their Campaigns Quickly and Effectively

Errol Andam Nike

As a marketer who is invested in developing marketing strategies that allow brands to better connect with consumers, grow lifetime sales, and ultimately reach company goals, Errol Andam maintains that there is a lot to learn about the industry and leveraging techniques to see results.

Below are a few examples of ways that marketing leaders can refine their efforts to improve campaigns with their brand, customers, and partners in mind.

Study Your Audience

Errol Andam acknowledges that a brand’s audience is one of the most make or break components of successful business. Brands need to be sure that they are working with their audiences in mind throughout their campaigns as they make up the community that maintains its health, guides projects, and more. With that being said, Errol speaks on the importance of knowing your audience and keeping them at the center of everything that you do. If you are able to connect with consumers while recognizing and anticipating their wants and needs, you will be able to establish brand recognition that continues to drive sales and inspire retention.

Know Your Brand

One of the most important parts of facilitating successful campaigns is knowing your brand and ensuring that you can uphold its personality and vision at every step of the process. Brand awareness is key for companies that truly want to set themselves apart from competition, connect with customers, and build a community around their products or services. Knowing your brand front to back can help avoid messaging or projects that do not align with the vision of your brand and what it stands for.

Identify Key Metrics

When facilitating marketing campaigns, you always want to know how to evaluate their strength and determine what is working and what isn’t. By identifying key metrics, brands and their teams can better consider how they can make improvements while maintaining aspects of campaigns that are working exactly as intended. For example, sales are a common indicator of marketing effectiveness, but they are far from the only way to tell that a brand’s initiatives are successful. Other factors such as engagement, positive word of mouth, returning customers/retention, press, etc. are also metrics that can help teams evaluate performance. Identifying what matters to your brand the most can keep your teams on track towards replicating successes and bringing sustainable growth.

Errol Andam Nike

Play to Your Strengths

It can be tempting to reinvent the wheel every time in terms of your marketing efforts, but playing to your brand’s strengths can be the most effective way to maximize impact and keep the momentum you have already built from your previous work. For example, while at Nike, Errol noted that marketing teams placed a lot of focus on the brand’s immediately identifiable image, the performance aspect of its products, its association with talented players of various sports, and its incredibly streamlined designs in terms of sportswear and streetwear.

Collect Feedback

Ultimately, the people decide whether or not a marketing campaign will be successful. Collecting feedback, therefore, is absolutely crucial for designing, facilitating, and maintaining campaigns that will reach their intended audiences and inspire brand recognition as well as growth. There are many ways that brands work to collect feedback from consumers. One is by evaluating campaigns in terms of their identified metrics. For example, if a primary goal of a campaign was to create buzz for an upcoming collaboration event, social media engagement and the event’s turnout may provide feedback on how the overall project was perceived. Brands can also find value by being transparent and asking their audiences to provide insights via polls and similar methods that allow individuals to field feedback.

Analyze the Data

The most impactful brands know what they are setting out to achieve and have become masters at analyzing their data to see if the results match up. Errol Andam mentions that data analysts and their teams play a crucial role in marketing as they keep brands focused on the performance of campaigns through their identified key metrics. Measuring sales, engagement, reviews/testimonials, and other information that remains important throughout the scope of projects empowers brands to keep tabs on their performance and leverage these insights for future work.

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